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Retro Cades: Your best home arcade partners


arcade machines
It is not easy to get retro styled arcade machines these days that makes you feel young again. If you are looking for customized retro arcades and cabinets, then log on to as they manufacture and design the best arcade machines. As parents we love to give our children arcade machines with which we enjoyed in our childhood but these portable arcade machines are just not for the children, even adults can play with these.
They make use of the latest technologies to design these machines, so that these can entertain you to the fullest. Some of the features of these arcade machines are:
  • MP3 Jukebox
  • Wi-Fi internet connectivity
  • Karaoke
  • Touch screen juke box
  • Pinball and many such features.
Touch screen juke box
And not just arcade machines, you will also get arcade cabinets and other accessories for a perfect game room. Being portable, these machines can fit anywhere and everywhere from offices to bars and showrooms. These machines can fit in one small corner of the room. They make use of quality products and they offer all these at very affordable rates.
Retro Cades design arcade machines for games like Street Fighter, Mortal Kombat and many such games. So you do not really need to locate the nearest arcade to enjoy all these as you will get to experience all latest arcades like features in your home or office only. Other products include Wall mounted touch screen MP3 jukeboxes, dart boards, pool tables. These arcade machines have a menu system and are really user friendly.
So just log on to the above website and place your orders. There are a number of easy online paying methods and if you want to stay updated about any new product, then do not forget to subscribe to their newsletter. You will surely be satisfied.

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Arcade machines, the ultimate resource of fun


Arcade gaming cabinets ruled the whole era of the 80s. But its journey became a little slower when the evolved video games entered the market of gaming. But fortunately the arcade games are gradually getting their popularity back as it is visible that many gaming business owners are launching custom made arcade gaming consoles to bring back the nostalgia of the 80s.

Make Your Home Your Personal Entertainment Centre

Thus there is a huge demand of desktop arcade machine now days. There are plenty of arcade machine types like candy cabinet gaming machine,cocktail arcade machine, cockpit and environmental arcade machine, mini cabinet machines, Bartop cabinet machine, upright cabinet machines etc. among these types, the cocktail arcade machines were and are popular in entertainment center like pubs and bars. The upside facing monitor inside the table is an ideal preference in pubs as a two player game.
Special programming of the very game including warloads makes it a four player game as well. Apart from cocktail arcade machinehyperspinarcade machine is another point of attraction to arcade gaming lovers. From its debut in the market in the 80s, arcade games remained popular till date despite of facing a few ups and downs.
Arcade comes with thousands of games that an adult played in his teenage for the first time. Thus it keeps the nostalgia intact. Apart from the famous games, newly launched games are also getting included in the cabinet games to attract the new generation towards it. The modern arcade game machines come with a new layout and software with the old games loaded to them.
Because of its newly developed avatar and inner changes, people are ordering the gaming business owners to deliver them custom made arcade machines according to their need. Apart from man caves, many clubs, restaurants, pubs, beer bars and even offices are installing the good old charming desktop arcade machines as personal entertainer.