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An arcade machine for your home!


arcade machines
Gone are the days when playing arcade required you to step out of your house. With the new tech world growing day by day, now you can easily have an arcade machine for your home! Yes, you heard it right! There are several companies providing such arcade machines for home and small shops at a very reasonable cost and one such company is Your Arcade At Home. The company provides its customers with a number of machines that vary in technical specification and you can easily choose the one that suits your needs.
Benefits of having arcade machine at home:
If you are planning to buy such a machine for your home, you should be well aware of its benefits. Some of the major benefits of having arcade at your home include:
  • Play at your convenience: Obviously if you have a machine at your home, you can easily play your favorite game whenever you want. You no longer have to go out to the nearby coffee shop.
  • Loaded with thousands of games: Initially when you buy arcade machines, you get more than hundreds of games already loaded in it. Thus you don’t need any external media to download or install your favorite game; you get it free with the machine.
  • Host parties with arcade machine: An arcade machine at your home can improve the way you host your parties. Now you don’t have to plan those childish games for the parties, all you need to do is direct your visitors to the arcade machine and let them enjoy!
  • Get the best at affordable price: You get the best technical parts in your arcade machine and that too at a very reasonable price. You can easily install it anywhere in your house.

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Arcade Machine – The best gaming solution of the day


Mini Arcade Machine
Gaming has evolved greatly over the years. The great rise in companies inventing newer and more improved gaming technology, in the form of personal gaming devices, or electric gaming methods at home, has lead to dwindling of the number of arcade machines. The list of the bestarcade machines of all time, is said to include, Pong, Space Invaders, Donkey Kong, Dragon’s Lair, Pac-man, Gauntlet, Robotron and several others. These games lead to the evolution of gaming world wide, and have lead us to the current day.

Retro Cades, UK gives you the chance to witness and more importantly try your own luck by playing these games. They provide you a chance to get your hands on your very own mini arcade machine. These come with a impressive LCD of 19 inches with high sensitivity and response. The computer is so powerful, that it can even run high definition games like Tekken and Street Fighter X. Fitted with a state of the art audio amplifier, they also allow you to adjust not only the volume, but also the treble and bass and has stereo sound. It is tested for safety by professionals and come with a Hi-Fi keyboard emulator. Everything is setup in advance, and all you have to do in plug in and play.

Entertainment Centre
The staff at Retro Cades is greatly experienced in their field. Be it build industry or cabinet design, they have done it all. Their main aim, is to enable the new and future generations to experience the thrill of old school gaming and have access to the hardware with the feel and pliability of the arcade greats. It fuses together the best of the modern and the old school gaming. With new and improved features such as MP3 juke boxes, WiFi internet browsing, Pinball and even the ever loved, karaoke. Their mini arcade machines are also fully equipped with many new features. This is not all that their expertise is restricted too. They have information technology experts, and electrical know-hows at your service.